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Value engineering through product expertise, delivers excellent BREEAM rating

Value engineering through product expertise, delivers excellent BREEAM rating

Wilberforce Court, Epsom Student accommodation for Geoffrey Sloane

Project: Residor


Geoffrey Sloane Associates came to us with a requirement for:
  • A residential door-set which exceed the required building regulation for acoustics at 40dB
  • To make sure there was not a weak point in the performance of the room by trying to match the door set a closely as possible to the performance of the partition
  • In addition the brief required an ‘excellent’ BREEAM score.


  • Upon consultation, we were able to establish that the original specification could be adjusted so that the client paid a significantly lower cost but got the desired results.



Stairways advised that the performance of the door-set in relationship to the partition wall would always be lower due to its purpose. We referred Geoffrey Sloan Associates to Building Regulations Document E for sound transferral which recommends a minimum 29dB performance for a bedroom door in a shared dwelling. We supported this with a comparison to Building Bulletin for Schools 93 (BB93) where the minimum requirement for a classroom door is 30dB.

The maximum score achievable under BREEAM would be 4 points for over achieving the building regulations by 8dB, from this it seems apparent that increasing the doors performance to 11dB above the recommendation of Document E was unnecessary. Geoffrey Sloan Associates were then able to make the decision to reduce the acoustic performance to 30dB with the comfort that that they were ensuring at least 1dB above the required level for the bedrooms and also specified 30dB ratings to the circulation doors to enhance their overall rating of the building.