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Caleb joins Stairways

Caleb joins Stairways

28th May 2014

Caleb Whitehead, National Business Development Manager has recently joined the Stairways Group.  With plenty of experience in the industry, he began his career working for one of the UK’s largest door manufacturers before moving on to interiors within the marine industry, modular buildings and now begins his journey with Stairways.

He explains that he has been brought on board to help develop the commercial and new products division of the company, using bespoke ideas and architecture tools for the Stairways’ products.

Caleb admits that he has a meticulous nature and a real attention to detail. He is extremely proud of his achievements already with the group, and talks of his most successful; introducing some certification processes internally that involve the development and promotion of new product lines.

When asked about why he joined the Stairways group, Caleb said:

“Stairways is one of the most dynamic companies in the construction manufacturing industry, looking to revolutionise and build long standing relationships. They are the largest privately owned company within the sector, they consistently care about their clients and their products are second to none. I am proud to now be part of such a respected company.”

Whether on the road, or working from his home in Essex, Caleb is very positive and is dedicated to his job. He lives by his motto that ‘the devil is in the detail’ and strongly believes that when a company such as Stairways provides a service, a job is all or nothing, half jobs are not acceptable. As Caleb he puts it “it’s not about flirting, it’s about marriage.”