Stairways, founded in 1989, has grown to become one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of carpentry and joinery products. Stairways now boast three state-of-art facilities that offer over 85,000 sq ft production capacity. Stairways goal is to raise their profile and brand awareness to become known throughout the industry as the UK’s leading staircase and door solution provider.

Stairways - BS8214: What all installers need to know

BS8214: What all installers need to know

One of the industry hot topics at the moment, and one of the main focuses of building inspectors, is the installation of fire-rated doors and door sets, especially the gap sealing between door frames and partitions. Recent events have highlighted the unacceptable methods and workmanship in some installations and have created industry-wide concern. It is…

Stairways - Stairways launches new website

Stairways launches new website

Stairways Midlands has invested in a new-look website to help customers get to the information they need faster. The revamped portal is an evolution of previous incarnations, rather than a revolutionary new approach to accessing online information Customer feedback has been taken on-board about what is important – and what is not – functionality and…

Stairways - New lorry for Stairways Walsall

New lorry for Stairways Walsall

Stairways Midlands has a new recruit to its team at Walsall. The 18-tonne MAN lorry marks the start of reinvestment by Stairways Midlands in its own fleet. The company believes the time is right to look again at its delivery capability and to begin to build its own fleet again, something which will bring cost…