Stairways, founded in 1989, has grown to become one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of carpentry and joinery products. Stairways now boast three state-of-art facilities that offer over 85,000 sq ft production capacity. Stairways goal is to raise their profile and brand awareness to become known throughout the industry as the UK’s leading staircase and door solution provider.

Stairways Door sets vs traditionally hanging doors

Door sets vs traditionally hanging doors

When it comes to choosing the doors for a project, there are many things to consider – from materials and ironmongery to finish and fire resistance. There’s also the question of whether to use door sets or traditionally-hanging doors; across the industry, more and more specifiers are seeing the benefits of door sets and choosing…

Stairways remains open

Stairways remains open

Stairways remain open for business and employment Manufacturing named in new tier 5 restrictions to stay open – people can leave home to work within “national infrastructure, construction or manufacturing that require in-person attendance”. Full details here.

Stairways Driving up industry standards for the future

Driving up industry standards for the future

A ground-breaking new apprenticeship standard in the woodworking industry has been pioneered by Stairways Midlands. The company was a “trailblazer” organisation which played a lead role in establishing Wood Products Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship (WPMO) aimed at modernising training in the sector and properly equipping those coming into it with the skills they need to thrive…

Stairways Fire residence Fire door

Fire compliance

How to achieve fire-compliant doors (that also look good) when standards are changing It seems like fire regulations and standards are evolving at a head-spinning pace these days – and this is certainly the case for fire doors. Following the terrible events at Grenfell Tower last June, and the ongoing investigations, it has become clear…

Stairways fire and smoke door

Fire Certification

Understanding fire door certification Fire certification of doors is currently a hot topic. Understanding how the certification process works is important when requesting evidence of fire performance for your doors. It’s something we hear all the time: “Can I have a copy of your fire certification, please?” but what does this mean? In fact, there…