The Complete Stairways Door Set Installation Kit
Get the best out of stairways door sets with our complete installation kit with specifically selected and tested third party products.

The kit includes:

  • Mastic or Fire Foam
  • Set of packers to assist ‘packing’ out the door frame
Stairways installation kit
Exitex Blue 60 Fire Rated Frame Foam
Blue 60 is a specially formulated expanding foam that when used in conjunction with Blue 60 fire rated packers gives up to 60 minutes fire protection to timber doorsets without the use of additional mastics or sealants.
  • 30 & 60 minute fire tested to BS-EN 1634-1 & BS476-22
  • Tested in full size single & double doorsets, not linear gaps
  • No additional mastics or sealants required
  • Acoustically tested to full doorset up to 43dB
  • Tested in both metal and timber stud partitionings
  • Tested with softwood, MDF & hardwood frame sections
  • Tested with gaps between 7mm & 30mm
  • Tested in a retro-fit scenario to allow use for rectification
  • Blue in colour for identification purposes
  • Fire rated packers must be used in conjunction with foam
  • 1mm, 3mm & 5mm colour co-ordinated fire rated packers
Fire Rated Packers Set:

Fire Rated Packers set includes:

  • GREEN: 1mm x 15mmx 100mm
  • WHITE: 3mm x 15mm x 100mm
  • BLUE: 5mm x 15mm x 100mm
    – Tested with gaps between 7mm & 30mm
Stairways installation kit
Pyromas A – Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

Intumescent Acrylic Sealant

Pyromas A is an intumescent sealant combining water- based acrylic emulsion with fillers to provide high levels of fire resistance in a range of building applications.
The one-part sealant is solvent free and when subjected to fire, a chemical reaction forms a safe, inorganic meringue, which provides proven fire sealing in building joints incorporating concrete, wood and metal.

  • Effective, slump-free sealing in joints up to 35mm wide
  • Proven 4-hour fire resistance
  • Can also provide 52dB acoustic rating
  • Permanent sealing for all low-movement joints, dry lining and partitions
  • Easily smoothed to a good surface finish
  • Available in white, brown and grey
  • Can be painted after curing
  • Supplied in 310ml cartridges to fit standard mastic guns or 600ml sausages
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