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Stairways manufacture high-quality doors and door sets to provide the ultimate on-site solution for large scale residential and commercial projects. When specifying a product from Stairways you can be safe in the knowledge that they have the experience and expertise to fulfill your requirements whilst complying with building legislation and environmental concerns.

Glazed Screens...

Glazed screens can give you the perfect solution to partitioning a large area into smaller spaces for both the commercial and residential sectors.

All Stairways glazed screens are manufactured from hardwood with matching glazing bead, square or chamfered. All comply with the very latest building regulations including NFR FD30 and FD60 screens with 30/60 minute fire compliance and insulation options. There are no restrictions to the shape or size you require and all-glass screen panels are available as frosted, etched or a film applied and are all Certfire approved.

door properties

Stairways doors are available with many specifications. Stairways doors are available with many specifications. Check out what features and properties suit your needs.

opening systems

Stairways range of door solutions encompass many different configurations to suit the needs and regulations of your project design. Offering high performance, functionality and design in a multitude of opening systems.
Stairways pinpoint

Embracing expertise and easing into the digital construction era. PinPoint provides a cost effective, easy and fully transferrable digital passport for the lifetime of the door set. Designed to meet legislative reform head on.

A small black data pin using NFC technology is installed during the manufacturing process to the hinge side of the door simplifying the pathway between manufacturing, installation, inspection, maintenance and facilities management.

accessories & components

Stairways doors are available with many specifications. Stairways doors are available with many specifications. Check out what features and properties suit your needs.

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Stairways resource section has been designed to support and assist contractors, specifiers, housebuilders and installers with specifying the right Stairways products. All Stairways technical guides, product datasheets, installation and measuring documents are available to download from the resource section.

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You can browse the different sectors below to find out more on how Stairways work with national and regional house builders, building contractors, architects, designers, and installers.







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Stairways offer a unique range of third-party-accredited fire & smoke resistant door sets for a wide variety of applications, providing convenience in normal operations whilst maximising safety in an emergency due to their sustained resistance to fire and smoke.

Legislation on fire and smoke protection continues to be an interest at a national level. Stairways have therefore ensured that all of their fire & smoke doors meet the requirements and have undergone stringent testing methods to meet the highest specification.

Stairways are an accredited member of the Fire Door Alliance to ensure all components of a fire door assemble are tested in a controlled environment to a minimum fire resistance of FD30 and certificated by an independent third party. All fire & smoke door components are factory-fitted and precision-engineered to fit with the required certification standard.

Stairways’ entire door range, including the Eco-Mercial, Residor, and Securdor, has been fire tested to meet the required resistance ratings.

Stairways manufacture acoustic door solutions with a range of features including fire resistance and glazing options, making them suitable for a range of large-scale development projects across various sectors.

When specifying soundproof doors, an important consideration is Sound Transmission Control (STC); this determines how much sound would be prevented from passing through a door. The higher the STC rating, the more sound resistant to the door. The acoustic range at Stairways currently provides a maximum STC rating of 45db.

Each acoustic door set has different characteristics at different frequencies, so selecting the best solution is not necessarily about the highest rating. Stairways are here to help and advise you.

Acoustic doors at Stairways, available in single or double closing configurations, are supplied as complete assemblies, most of which are pre-hung in an appropriate frame and can be supplied in various finishes of your choice. All Stairways tests are in accordance with Approved Document E – resistance to the passage of sound.

The appropriate acoustic rating can be achieved across Stairways entire door range, including the Eco-Mercial, Residor and Securdor to meet your individual project.

Secured By Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’.

The initiative has been established in order to make it easier for clients to recognise the security levels of individual products, offering peace of mind that those products have been tested to a national security standard recognised by Building Control. The ‘Secured by Design’ logo is applied to building product manufacturers that have specifically designed and tested their products to achieve this standard.

In order for a security door set manufacturer to meet the appropriate requirements and gain ‘SBD’ approval, all relevant products must be tested by independent third-party certification to one of the approved standards.

Stairways Securdor range has been specifically designed and tested to achieve this standard.

opening systems

Stairways range of door solutions encompass many different configurations to suit the needs and regulations of your project design. Offering high performance, functionality and design in a multitude of opening systems.

pocket door...

Stairways supply pocket door kits to create usable living space that may be lost with conventional swing door systems.

With the average property size decreasing in line with an increasing population, the need for specifiers to source design solutions for restricted space has become all the more important.

Saving room in a restricted space and reducing barriers for disabled people, the sliding function enables the door to slide into a pocket and not swing into the space adjacent to the door face.

If you’re looking for a bespoke, frameless solution to a project that requires you to make the most of any finite space, the pocket door is available as part of the Stairways Eco-Mercial range, or for standard large scale project requirements, you can choose this option within our Residor range.

swing door...

The swing door systems from Stairways make going through a door easier in the event that manual operation is too complex or difficult.

The absolute reliability and safety of the swing door goes hand in hand with clear, contemporary design, ideal for specifiers looking to achieve both functional and aesthetic solutions.

The swing door opening system is available across the Stairways Residor, Eco-Mercial and Securdor range depending upon whether efficiency, security or bespoke design is at the forefront of your project requirements.

All swing door opening systems at Stairways are compliant with Approved Document M of the building regulations; this is to ensure that doors are installed in a way that enables people to use a building’s facilities both safely and effectively. Approved Document M takes into consideration elements such as the overall door approach, direction of opening, door thresholds, access ramps and closing force.


Stairways versatile range of beautifully weighted pivot doors serve to meet a variety of project requirements, from aesthetics through to noise reduction.

Their flush style and sleek finish makes them practical for a range of building interiors.

The simultaneous rotation and swing movement of the door leaf during the opening and closing stages helps to significantly reduce the amount of space being used up, making even the smallest of rooms more accessible. Simple and easy in functionality, pivoting doors with their two-way openings help to overcome structural barriers and are suited to those with mobility difficulties, who can open or close the door with a gentle push.

If a unique, custom-made design solution is what you require, the pivoting door opening system is available as part of Stairways popular Eco-Mercial range, which serves to deliver a bespoke product best suited to the architect’s design brief.

fire doors

Fire door assemblies are an incredibly important, yet often overlooked, aspect of a building’s safety, whether this relates to offices, public buildings or our own homes.

Stairways use fully third party certificated product systems to ensure maximum safety and compatibility with all Fire door components.

Testing the Fire door components is just as important as the Fire door itself; this is because they work together to keep the Fire door securely within the frame. Therefore if they aren’t fitted with compatible fire-rated components and additional intumescent protection, they can become the most vulnerable parts to the fire.

A tough and robust maintenance regime that relates to the original Fire door certification is fundamental to making sure all installed Fire door products perform the way they should.

Stairways accredited membership ensures all of their tests are compliant. Stairways are able to specify and design door solutions and co-ordinate a third party compliance test for your bespoke door configuration.

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) online education programme helps you to gain a greater understanding of fire door-related issues and components; this runs alongside GAI (Guild of Architectural Ironmongers) certification. Stairways are proud to announce that members of staff have this diploma and are currently the only manufacturers to do so in the UK.

Please visit Fire Door Safety Week to learn more about fire door safety.

The following video by Firedoor Safety Week demonstrates how Fire doors work, the importance of correct installation and maintenance, as well as how to check your Fire door for safety.


FD30s and FD60s Firedoors have proven under test conditions to provide either 30 minutes or 60 minutes of complete fire and smoke protection; this is primarily due to the differences in thicknesses. FD30s and FD60s Firedoors are suitable for a variety of applications where fire safety is of high importance.


FD90s and FD120s doors provide 90 minutes or 120 minutes of fire door resistance. Defined by their core thickness, seals and frames, FD90s and FD120s doors provide smoke control where required and are suitable seals for providing significant sound insulation.

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As a highly reputable firm within the industry, Stairways are dedicated to meeting their client’s product and application requirements. All materials used are manufactured to the highest quality and meet the relevant standards achieving ISO9001, FSC®, and various product certifications, whilst their staircases and door solutions are manufactured with compliance to UK building regulations & legislative standards in mind. Using the knowledge, passion, and experience acquired across all team members over the past thirty years, Stairways aim to continue to be the best in what they do.


Stairways are continuously looking for opportunities to improve and expand their service offering; this includes the investment in new machinery to further enhance and innovate the manufacturing process, with the aim to shorten lead times and increase overall in-house capacity. The changes Stairways employ are always focused upon improving the customer experience, to ensure their process remains as efficient as possible from start to finish.


Privately owned and managed since it was founded in 1989, Stairways has grown to become one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of carpentry and joinery products. Starting as a small staircase manufacturer, Stairways now boast three state-of-art facilities that offer over 85,000 sq ft of bespoke and mass production capacity.