Expect more from a door

Expect more from a door

Internal doors are far from just a functional product. These days developers expect more from their doors – demanding substance and style, without compromise on either.

We believe that fire safety, sound proofing, insulation, environmental credentials, and good looks aren’t too much to ask. That’s why Stairways door sets are available with a range of specifications to hit the mark when it comes to functional requirements, and a range of stunning styles with options to suit every interior aesthetic.

Fire and smoke

Stairways is an accredited member of the Fire Door Alliance, and all our fire and smoke door components are fire-tested in a controlled environment and third party certified.

In fact, our entire door range, including the Eco-Mercial, Residor, and Securdor, has been fire tested to meet the required resistance ratings. So, all the options are open.


If soundproof doors are important for you, then you’re in luck. Not only can we offer acoustic door solutions, but we can offer them with a range of features, including fire resistance, and in a range of styles, including glazed options, single or double closing configurations, and various finishes of your choice. 

And, as with fire and smoke resistance, the appropriate acoustic rating can be achieved across our entire door range – whatever works best for your project.


Changes to the Building Regulations in England require homes to produce much less CO2 – and internal doors can play a key part in the energy efficiency of a building, especially when fitted between a heated and an unheated space.

Our solid, well-constructed doors, precision factory fitted within their frames, provide a strong thermal performance to help developers and builders meet the new requirements.

Environmentally sound

From the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of solar panels we’ve installed at our sites, to the biomass boilers turning waste materials into heat for our factories, Stairways has taken a range of steps to make both our products and our working practices as green as possible. All our wood is FSC certified and sustainably sourced, and our precision cutting equipment ensures waste is kept the absolute minimum. It is possible to have the quality, affordable products you want – without neglecting environmental concerns.

Good looks too?

Doors are essential, yes, but they can also be a striking focal point in a room, adding drama, grandeur, warmth, and interest. Developers – and their buyers – demand great looking doors that not only fit with the look and feel of a home but enhance it.

Whether it’s a sleek walnut veneer with simple, modernist handles to achieve a high-end feel, wood painted white with chrome components to meet a Danish-inspired brief, wide glazed frames to maximise light, or timber panelled doors with detailed ironmongery for a classic look, we can achieve a door solution to meet virtually any requirement.

So why not demand more from your doors? Get in touch with the Stairways team to see how we can help you achieve all the functionality you need, without compromising on the style you want.


Author: Stairways

Stairways, founded in 1989, has grown to become one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of carpentry and joinery products. Stairways now boast three state-of-art facilities that offer over 85,000 sq ft production capacity. Stairways goal is to raise their profile and brand awareness to become known throughout the industry as the UK’s leading staircase and door solution provider.

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As a highly reputable firm within the industry, Stairways are dedicated to meeting their client’s product and application requirements. All materials used are manufactured to the highest quality and meet the relevant standards achieving ISO9001, FSC®, and various product certifications, whilst their staircases and door solutions are manufactured with compliance to UK building regulations & legislative standards in mind. Using the knowledge, passion, and experience acquired across all team members over the past thirty years, Stairways aim to continue to be the best in what they do.


Stairways are continuously looking for opportunities to improve and expand their service offering; this includes the investment in new machinery to further enhance and innovate the manufacturing process, with the aim to shorten lead times and increase overall in-house capacity. The changes Stairways employ are always focused upon improving the customer experience, to ensure their process remains as efficient as possible from start to finish.


Privately owned and managed since it was founded in 1989, Stairways has grown to become one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of carpentry and joinery products. Starting as a small staircase manufacturer, Stairways now boast three state-of-art facilities that offer over 85,000 sq ft of bespoke and mass production capacity.