Embracing expertise and easing into the digital construction era. PinPoint provides a cost effective, easy and fully transferrable digital passport for the lifetime of the door set. Designed to meet legislative reform head on.

Stairways introduces…

A small black data pin using NFC technology is installed during the manufacturing process to the hinge side of the door simplifying the pathway between manufacturing, installation, inspection, maintenance and facilities management.

Stairways pinpoint data pin
Each door is assigned a digital passport – complete with certification, specification, installation instructions, manufacturer’s schedules and component details. During install, PinPoint provides a secure & accessible App for the installer to complete a checklist and store photographs at critical points & achieve sign-off, seamlessly integrating with 3rd part accreditors.

Once the building is occupied, the ‘duty holder’ has full traceability of each & every fire door, with alerts on maintenance checks and providing a simple, effective database for carrying out inspections & replacing components. PinPoint is your digitalised Operations and Maintenance manual.

Stairways golden thread pinpoint data pin
Features & Benefits for the Specifier, Architect and Designer
  • A national fire door compliance software application bringing together all elements involved in the fire door lifecycle
  • Desktop & App dashboard – Easy to manage seamless pathway between manufacturer – installer – facilities management
  • Enforcing & demonstrating requirements of the Regulatory Reform Order 2005
  • Record & demonstrating safe building management (Inspection)
  • Digital accessibility to specification (local & online)
  • Identification of door set from a single scan using NFC technology
PinPoint is available for demonstration and can be installed into any Stairways door solution
Stairways pinpoint data pin
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