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Stairways control the entire process from start to finish which enables them to consistently achieve lead times, maintain the accuracy and quality of their products.


Door Solutions

Bespoke Joinery
Accredited and Certified
Stairways pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service and outstanding products; these values are reflected in the memberships Stairways have chosen to join and the accreditations they have been awarded. Please click on the relevant icon to download a copy of Stairways certifications.
policies and application
Stairways operate with total commitment to quality, value and customer service. For further information on Stairways trading standards, impeccable service and ethical values, please use the links below for their warranties, terms & conditions and credit application form.
Consultation and Advice...
Stairways are committed to ensuring that customer service moves beyond the supply of any building product by providing on-hand advice and consultation throughout any stage of your project build. Stairways also partner with BWF and other sub-contractor clients to ensure all products are installed, maintained and handled in the correct way.

Take a look at their on-site and off-site Toolbox Talks and CPD presentations, as well as their fitting guides and on-site demo’s, which offer tailored programmes to meet your specific requirements.

Unsure of what materials to use to meet compliance on a particular project? Contact Stairways, they are here to support you with any questions you may have.

Research and Development...
Stairways are continuously looking to improve, whether this is to make existing products better by improving the fit and presentation of the product itself, or by further reducing labour on site.

Whilst focusing on the quality of their current services, they also focused on identifying gaps in the market for new products or building materials that could directly benefit their customers.

CAD Designs...
CAD designs are available for Stairways bespoke products including the ECOMERCIAL range; these are available to download in PDF or DXF formats by simply selecting the product you require. All the relevant drawings will be available for download. If you wish to request a specific BIM drawing, please contact Stairways here.

Technical downloads are available here

Quality Assurance...
Stairways operate with a commitment to controlling and improving the quality and value of their doors and staircases, to ensure all clients remain satisfied with their purchase.

Stairways quality control processes are second to none; they implement and operate many quality control procedures throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Stairways Manufacturing
Stairways are proud to demonstrate their in-house manufacturing facilities across all of their major sites. Controlling the entire process from start to finish enables them to consistently achieve lead times, maintain the accuracy and quality of their products, increase manufacturing capabilities and ensure speed of turnaround. Stairways are also able to carry out veneer wrapping in-house along with glazing for vision panels, which can be custom-made to the required shape and size.

In regards to staircases, spindles and handrails, Stairways ensure that these are pre-assembled to arrive on-site reducing installation time.

Stairways logistics and freight haulage carry ISO quality assurance, maintaining an efficient system and smooth transportation service.

Stairways can accommodate multiple delivery requirements including forklift and crane offloading, whilst also catering to each of London’s CLOCS requirements, including bronze, silver and gold standards. While their services are available across the entire UK, the Stairways factory locations are in the three following areas: Warwickshire, West Midlands and Powys, Wales.

High-value engineering delivering staircases and door solutions to national house builders, architects and contractors

Stairways Midlands Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company No: 3146591
Registered Office: Southam Drive, Kineton Road Industrial Estate, Southam, Warwickshire CV47 0FA

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